Surgical Dentistry & Oral Medicine

Perfecting Your Smile

Dental Extraction

If a severely damaged tooth cannot be fixed with fillings, crowns or other treatments, extracted is advised.

This applies to loose tooth that cannot be saved with bone replacement surgery.

Implant Placement

Unlike removable dentures, dental implants do not loosen over time as these are titanium-made tooth roots that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line, where our dentists will later mount the replacement tooth or bridge on.

Clients enjoy better general oral health as dental implants do not need to be anchored to other teeth.

Removal of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth sometimes do not develop normally or it impacts the other teeth near it causing swelling and tenderness.

As such, the removal of the wisdom tooth may be required.

Temporaomandibulat Join (TMJ) Diseases

TMJ disorder is a pain and muscle dysfunction on the jaw and joints causing pain in jaw movements.

Our dentists will conduct an examination and prescribe the best treatment for you.

Other Oral Conditions and Diseases

Our dentists also provide professional diagnosis and management for any oral conditions and diseases that are not related to teeth and gum pathology.

Feel free to enquire with our friendly team.