Malaysia's FIRST : AIRFLOW Spa Ultra-Comfort

Dental cleaning has evolved to an even more amazingly enjoyable experience with the launch of AIRFLOW Spa Ultra-Comfort by Blanc Dental Clinic.
Traditionally, dental cleaning involves scaling and polishing. A dentist would use hand instruments and ultrasonic devices to scrape away plaque (biofilm) and calculus that have built up on teeth followed by polishing to remove stains. This method results in a certain amount of pain and discomfort to the patient as well as damage to teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity and often leads to a less than satisfactory dental experience. This explains why many are fearful or have negative perceptions when visiting a dentist.

Since its launch, Blanc Dental Clinic has been the leading pioneer in AIRFLOW Spa – a revolutionised technology in dental scaling which has since gained much popularity as everyone loves its high level of comfort and are wowed by its amazing cleaning effectiveness as compared to traditional scaling that is more commonly available in the dental industry.

After years of clinical tests, day-to-day experience, patient reviews and studies in AIRFLOW Spa technology, Dr Mike Lim, Clinical Director of Blanc Dental Clinic has successfully conceptualised the brand new AIRFLOW Spa Ultra-Comfort (ASUC) which combines the usage of AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master (the latest innovation available in the dental industry), OptraGate mouth relaxers and Curaprox toothbrushes based on scientifically-proven protocols. The game-changing concept and clinical procedures of ASUC is a first for Malaysia and is only exclusive to Blanc Dental Clinic – guaranteeing the most comfortable and cleanest experience ever available in the world of dentistry.

“A breakthrough technology in dental scaling for an amazingly comfortable and pristine clean experience like no other.”
7 unique points of ASUC :
1. Painless & minimally invasive
The technologically advanced AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master in ASUC is equipped with a built-in heating system whereby temperature of the irrigation water can be adjusted, making it ideal for patients with sensitive teeth. It also features Piezon (scaler) no-pain technology and a state-of-the art pressurisation system which pressurises and depressurises its flow within seconds via an integrated magnetic connection for an ultra- comfortable and spa-like experience. The erythritol-based AIRFLOW Plus powder – the finest-grained particle in the world of dentistry efficiently removes biofilm and young calculus whilst leaving teeth and soft tissue unharmed. All this combined to ensure a truly smoother, much more comfortable spa-like and highly efficient cleaning experience.
2. Brighter teeth
To remove the most stubborn of stains and heavy pigmentation, the perfect granule – metric sized AIRFLOW Classic sodium bicarbonate powder is featured in ASUC to effectively give one a dazzling smile within minutes with maximum patient comfort.
3. Amazingly clean
The powerful yet comfortable technology of ASUC is guided by exposed biofilm and it not only cleans teeth surfaces but also biofilm and calculus at hard-to-reach surfaces and in gum pocketings. It is far more efficient than traditional scraping and polishing which may damage teeth and soft tissues. Patients who have experienced ASUC often feedback that it is the cleanest dental cleaning ever.
4. Personal customisation
The comprehensiveness and scientifically guaranteed ASUC can be customised to patients with sensitive teeth (for example using the ‘warm setting’ AIRFLOW treatment), high cavity risk (using fluoride therapy), poor oral hygiene (via education and motivation) and children. ASUC is a preventive solution to conditions like gingivitis, tooth decay and bad breath. It also improves the longevity of dental prosthesis and implants, and preserves cosmetic teeth whitening.
5. Shorter treatment time
The combined use of the technologically advanced AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master, OptraGate mouth relaxer and patient-oriented ASUC protocols significantly reduces treatment time as compared to the traditional methods of dental scaling.
6. Oral hygiene education
Plaque disclosing dye is used in ASUC to show biofilm to educate patients on what are their problems and how a customised toothbrushing technique will help them improve their oral health. ASUC features Curaprox toothbrushes which are well-known to have densely packed Curen filaments – making all parts of the mouth easy to reach. This effectively educate patients and empower them with proper oral hygiene habits and the right tools at the same time to keep their natural teeth for as long as possible.
7. Comfortable mouth relaxer
The utilisation of OptraGate mouth relaxer featured in ASUC gives patients a better and more comfortable mouth opening experience. The latex-free aid’s unique flexibility and elasticity makes it comfortable to wear and assists patients to keep their mouth open with much ease. Patients often feedback that this is the best invention that allows them to tirelessly keep their mouths open which makes the dental treatment so much more comfortable and enjoyable.
 Steps in AIRFLOW Spa Ultra-Comfort :

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