Blanc’s AirflowⓇ Spa Scaling

Perfecting Your Smile

Gone are the days of screeching scalers and messy air abrasion polishing to remove plaque and stains which often cause discomfort and pain.

Until now.

Welcome to a whole new world of Airflow® Spa Scaling based on Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) Protocol.

Welcome to a whole new world of Airflow® Spa Scaling based on Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) Protocol.

Airflow® Spa Scaling is the new and state-of-the-art approach to dental treatments. It is a clinically proven and patient oriented technology. Using this technique, biofilm (plaque and calculi) on teeth are exposed with a dye solution prior to cleaning. The biofilm is then removed with the minimally invasive Airflow® and Perioflow®.

It utilizes an air polishing technique that uses one of the finest powders with the smallest particle size (14mu) available in the market to clean the biofilm.

If further cleaning is needed it can be done with Piezon® PS no pain piezoceramic instruments. Unlike conventional ultrasonic devices, Piezon® PS ensures linear alignment and controls vibration behaviour of the scaling instruments.

“A revolutionary technology in dental cleaning that gives you a clean and dazzling smile in minutes”

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What makes Airflow® Spa Scaling revolutionary compared to traditional scaling methods?

  1. Eliminates discomfort and pain. Patients often feedback that it feels like a massage.
  2. Eliminates distressing vibrations, heat and smells.
  3. Clinically proven to cause zero damage to teeth and soft tissues.
  4. Therapy is guided by the exposed biofilm and this increases efficiency as the dentist can focus on areas that require cleaning. Uses minimally invasive devices as no additional polishing with rubber cups and paste is necessary.
  5. Quickly and safely eliminates even stubborn discolourations and stains.

Airflow® Spa Scaling is a game changer. It provides the best and most effective and comprehensive treatment to optimise our patients dental health and hygiene.

We want to provide our patients with an enjoyable and memorable treatment experience and change the perception of dentistal visits as being scary and unpleasant.

Pamper yourself with our Airflow® Spa Scaling treatment and go home with a more captivating and brighter smile. 🙂

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